Kerala Disaster Relief



As part of our effort to help those critically affected by the disastrous landslides and flood in Kerala this year, we have purchased beds and mattresses for 16 families in the Wayanad area who have been devastated by the flood and landslides. We also provided school uniforms, books and tuition for children from four different families that were also victimized by the disaster. Sonny Alapatt, who was visiting Kerala last month, personally took the time and effort to purchase the items at bargain prices, and helped deliver them to each family. We were able to manage everything for about $2,000, staying within our budget. 


Youth Group Carwash event

Sujay Kamalasanan led the effort to reschedule and execute the Car Wash project on the 2nd of November, 10 am – 4 pm. The other youth participants included Aakil Bodian, Austin Joshua, Sunay Kamalasanan, Kaavya Menon, Adi Pillai, Katelin Surrao, Jaden Samuel, Joshua Samuel, Reyna Samuel and Nidhi Shenoy. Our youth did a remarkable job, and the event turned out to be a great success, raising $600 for our charity activities. Special thanks to Shaji and Sonali Kamalasanan for their unrelenting and persuasive skills that led to many passersby taking part in the event.

Bikes for School Children


As presented by Tency Alapatt at the Onam Program, we identified a Government LP School in an impoverished tribal area near Kalpetta (GLPS Vrindavan) with 18 students, all of whom had to walk long ways to come to school. We bought bicycles for all of them and delivered them right before Onam. Our own Suraj Sukumaran was present at the occasion, and, as he stated, it was truly a precious and eye-opening experience. The cost of the project was $956, and the benefit was truly amazing. The funds for this project came from the General Charity Contributions of $1,440 at the Onam function.